Son Ha Garment Joint Stock Company acknowledge that the rights and interests of employees are rights and interests of the company itself. So company constantly improves its responsibility to the community.
The company commit to:
1. Commit to implement all requirements of the SA8000 standard
- Child labor:
The Company shall not use any workers under 15 years old in the company.
- Forced Labor
The Company will not engage in or support the use of other forms of forced labor as prisoner labor, slaver labor or debt repayment or otherwise
- Discrimination:
All employees of the company are treated equally regardless of age, gender, religion, politics.
- Discipline:
The company do not support or use any abusive forms of labor in word, deed or infringe upon the body of workers.
- Wages and benefits:
Ensure minimum wages paid to employees according to the local laws and the real situation of the company's real.
The employees are also entitled to insurance, the welfare regime of the Company, are trained to improve their skills.
The company always attach importance to the interests of workers and commit to improve the quality of their lives.
- Working hours and rest:
Workers are entitled to sick leave, holidays, maternity under the law.
The company apply labor hours prescribed by law. All the employees were paid overtime under the law. The employees before being recruited will be notified of overtime.
- Liberal coalition and collective bargaining:
Workers are respected the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.
- Safety and Health:
Employees are provided a safe working environment, clean and healthy as well as guidance and personal protective equipment to ensure safety and their health.
- Environment:
Comply with the law on environmental protection, maintain regularly contact with local authorities.
2. Commit to comply with all legal requirements and other requirements of the country.
3.Commit to continuously improve the system of socially responsible companies.